flamenco today

Flamenco today

Flamenco continues to evolve to become universal.

On the one hand, we notice new tendencies to mix with other musical styles from the hands of some artists. There is quite a bit of controversy at the moment; among the defenders of the preservation of Flamenco Orthodoxy (as Falla did in his time, which served to preserve such a valuable heritage), and others interested in its development and permeability.

On the other hand, important artists took flamenco to five continents, reaching a new era in which the media witnessed its grace, strength and debts. For this reason, we can no longer confirm that Flamenco is an artistic manifestation exclusively of Andalusia (just as we can no longer say that Jazz music is exclusively New Orleans), since today in Andalusia I can attend shows of the most authentic performed flamenco purism and classicism of a Japanese dancer or Italian guitarist, with the respect of the great public connoisseur, at the same time as the greatest Andalusian artists bring flamenco to important stages around the world.

Naturally, Andalusia is still the capital of flamenco, where it is most concentrated and where this art can most often be enjoyed in its purest manifestation. And since this is intimate music par excellence, in which you will feel better, you will be in that narrow circle of friends, where at dawn you will find only guitar, voice and body dancing, and that is what we call “flamenco spree”. .

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