How to organize a Flamenco party

Organizing a Flamenco party

ideas to organize a flamenco party

Today we want to give you ideas to organize a flamenco party, Olé! We should be in the middle of the “Feria” season, but because of Covid-19, April Fair is supposed to be postponed to october 2020. Either you have been lucky enough to have gone to one, or you have seen a picture of a friend who has been there, so why not get ideas for the next themed party we are having? Well, here you have some of the ideas that we have already signed up for.

The flamenco dress

Flamenco dressed women


Well, as we would do to go to any party, let’s start with what to wear. And if it’s a theme party, finding the right outfit is a must. The whole outfit, the flower on your head, the shawl… Don’t be lazy looking for a good suit! You’ll enjoy it from start to finish.

Flamenco as music

What do you want? You can have it all and the dances are guaranteed. Obviously, you can always create your own playlist where you can find sevillanas, rumbas and the most popular flamenco songs. Also, if one of you plays the guitar, it will always be great for you to cheer up while the rest of you sing and dance.

But you can also choose a live band. Imagine a flamenco group coming to your party and playing their favourite songs and… yours! In this option there is also the option of not only taking a music group, but accompanying it with the performance of two flamenco dancers… It is an impressive experience and 100% recommended.

Lanterns lighting up the party

flamenco party illumination

An element that is so central to any Feria, that any worthy flamenco festival must have them. They are very affordable and decorate the space a lot. Not only do their colours decorate during the day, their lights illuminate at night. Come on, everything is an advantage if you put them in your party.

Flowers and wine

Serry wine venenciador


If you organize a flamenco party and you get involved in it, the theme must be as faithful as possible to reality: it must smell of flowers and finesse. And I wish all the obligations were like this. No one can argue that flowers make a party happy, but neither can they argue that Sherry wines like fino, manzanilla and rebujito are the perfect appetizer for the rest of the drinks you want to have.

Ideas to decorate a Flamenco party

Don’t miss the polka dots at your flamenco party. No moles, no fans, no frills. If your idea is to fill the elements of some area with flamenco decoration… Look at the ideas we have found:


flamenco table decoration


enjoying a flamenco fair

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