Flamenco castanets

There are different types of castanets for flamenco dance. On our website you will find different levels, both for professionals and for those who are just starting out with this musical instrument…

Each castanet model can have a different size to fit the palm of each person, so that they can play the instrument more easily. Enjoy your flamenco clappers!

Professional castanets
ebony castanets
Flamenco accesories 1
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Flamenco shawl

The small shawls are a fundamental complement to your flamenco dress. In this section you will find the flamenco manton that suits you best.

Flamenco Shawl
Flamenco shawl
Flamenco shawl red border
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Flamenco flowers & earrings

Choose your favourite color and you´ll be ready to go to the Fair!

Flamenco flower red rose with hair clip
Set of Flamenco roses
Flamenco accesories 2
Flamenco red earrings
Flamenco blue earrings
Flamenco earrings
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