Flamenco today

Flamenco continues to evolve to become universal. On the one hand, we notice new tendencies to mix with other musical styles from the hands of some artists. There is quite a bit of controversy at the moment; among the defenders of the preservation of Flamenco Orthodoxy (as Falla did in his time, which served to …

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flamenco today

5 Amazing Flamenco curiosities

Contents1 5 Curiosities about flamenco which should interest you1.1 1. Flamenco: A long tradition1.2 2. Flamenco origins remain mysterious1.3 3. Why is flamenco denominated flamenco?1.4 4. Key influences on flamenco dance and singing1.5 5. Flamenco is known for sharing deep feelings 5 Curiosities about flamenco which should interest you Get to know these fascinating details about flamenco in this post. Flamenco is an Andalusian art that combines dance, singing, and flamenco guitar music,  although it is typically accompanied today by a flamenco “cajón” and a flute.  …

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history of flamenco

Everything you need to know about Flamenco Guitar

Contents1 What are the features of flamenco guitar?2 Where does the flamenco guitar come from?3 Differences between flamenco and classical guitar3.1 The key differences between the two instruments are: What are the features of flamenco guitar? What makes a Flamenco guitar different? The flamenco guitar is one of the most popular Spanish guitar variants. This …

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difference between classic and flamenco guitar

Seville April Fair

The Seville april Fair is a week where people don´t think about all the money they are spending. Y0u can enjoy the best “pata negra” spanish jam, good wine, cotton candy and churros with chocolate. What is the fair if we return home without eating the “churros” with chocolate? There are those who have the …

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Seville april Fair
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