Malaga Fair

Basic guide to live the Malaga Fair as a Malaga citizen

We tell you everything you need to know to make the most of one of the great events of the summer on the “Costa del Sol”.

Huts, lanterns, fireworks, music… Malaga celebrates its most important festival every year in August. And so as not to miss anything, it is worth knowing some clues.

Malaga Fair


Malaga Fair fireworks

The Málaga Fair use to be held in August with the opening speech and the fireworks reflected in the waters of Malagueta beach, which mark the start of these festivities, which have more than five centuries of history and commemorate the capture of the city by the Catholic Monarchs.


The first meeting is at 10 a.m., in the Paseo Central del Parque, where horsemen, carts and decorated carriages gather to accompany the pilgrimage to the sanctuary of Santa María de la Victoria, patron saint of the city.

Malaga fair horses


Malaga Fair by day

The August Fair is actually two different but complementary fairs, one during the day and the other at night.

And each one has its own space. The first one, in the historical centre of the city, is a non-stop coming and going, especially along the Marqués de Larios street, but also along its surrounding streets decorated with lanterns and flowers and enlivened by the bands of verdiales, so typical of Malaga. In its stalls you can recover your strength with ham, fried food and other delicacies and you can start dancing. All this until 18.00, because the daytime fair has a closing time.

When the sun goes down, life moves to the Cortijo de Torres. This is the time of the fair at night, with attractions, musical shows of all styles, small stalls and more than 120 free access stalls – with different times and atmospheres – that follow one another through the streets of Albero del Real and remain open until 6 in the morning.


Malaga fair lighting "alumbrao"
A large illuminated doorway 15 metres high, 40 metres wide and four metres deep, with 24,000 points of light, welcomes visitors to the entrance of Cortijo de Torres.


The afternoons of the fair are afternoons of “bullfighting” in the Plaza de La Malagueta, whose big door waits to be opened for the renowned bullfighters who will pass through this recently remodelled bullring: Enrique Ponce, Morante de la Puebla, Cayetano Rivera, El Juli, Manzanares or El Fandi for example.

Those who love music will have the opportunity of seeing artists like Huecco, Andy and Lucas, Rosario Flores, David de María and other names like María Peláe, Anni B Sweet, Dry Martina and Zenet, whose have already passed through the Real stage.

Flamenco dressed women at Malaga Fair
There is no fair without a gastronomic section. And to open your mouth, there is nothing better than the Antigua Casa de Guardia (, an emblematic place where you can savour steamed mussels or gildas accompanied, of course, by a good wine, or El Pimpi (, one of the oldest wineries in Málaga, located in an old eighteenth century mansion.

Between the comings and goings around Plaza de la Constitución and Plaza de Mitjana enjoying the festive atmosphere, you must stop at the latter to enter Malafama (, a pub where you can dance to the best songs of Spanish pop.

And another idea between dancing and dancing is to go to the booth of the restaurant Los Mellizos ( to taste one of its delicious rice dishes, grilled prawns or good pescaíto.

Malaga fair location
Málaga Fair location


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